Jan 5, 2015

Christmas & New Year

Hi there!

Happy New Year 2015! Feels weird to say 2015, aye? My stepfather said to me on the phone: "Liisa, come home, it's already another year!" Haha, not yet, sorry! Still so much to see and explore here!
My new year didn't start well with my health.. I got (apparently) same infection as two months ago and even worse, so now I'm trying to get better and eating 17 different pills per day.. More about that later!

Anyway, my Christmas was nice and I want to share some moments and photos with you. We didn't have many plans for Christmas with my friends Flo and Imke. Our only wish was to get some sun and beach and of course get some holiday and distance from work and vineyards. We heard that our workmates are going to Nelson so we took a ride there in their car. So on 23rd of December we packed a tent and sleeping bags with us and headed to Nelson. Soon we figured out that almost all campsites are full for the Christmas and it's not allowed to camp in the beach. Luckily we found one cheap campsite in Maitai Valley, nearby Nelson centre. It was beautiful place middle of forest and next to the river! I went for a evening swim to the river. Water was really warm!

Next morning we decided to continue to look for campsites more near to the beach. We found a place in Cable Bay, 20 minutes to South from Nelson. Campsite was right next to the beach and small island. It was beautiful there! And we had definitely a Christmas peace because there wasn't any service for the phones. Campsite was really clean and good. They had good kitchen supplies and BBQ.

We spent two nights at Cable Bay. It was nice and relaxing Christmas, although I missed home and family very much. It was really weird Christmas without snow, Santa, Christmas food, Christmas tree, candles, all the warmth and lights. But it was different and I still enjoyed it. The best moment of my Christmas was maybe lying on the beach in the middle of night next to the campfire and stare to the sky full of stars.

Me and Flo and one naked chic we found from the island

26th of December was a Boxing Day and all the shops and stores had a really good discounts, so we headed to Nelson for shopping. I was going to buy new dress and some kind of running shoes or outdoor shoes. I found nice playsuit from Glassons and beautiful new dress from CottonOn. Also we went to Rebel sport store where Imke and I bought new outdoor shoes with a good discount.

After shopping it was time to leave back to Blenheim by hitchhiking! It was my first time to hitchhike EVER and I was excited. It's not really recommended to hitchhike alone in New Zealand and you need to be careful that the driver isn't high or anything.. Imke is experienced hitchhiker so we walked next to the main road and started to hitchhike. But all the others had same idea so we had to wait one hour that all previous backpackers got picked up and then we started to wait our lift. Luckily we didn't need to wait long because we got a lift and after few hours we arrived safely to Blenheim.


I have a new car! I decided to buy a car because with that is so much easier to move around and travel. There is also public transportation options but with those you need to follow timetables and you don't really see country outside of cities and main roads. I got a really good deal about it. Well what kind of car? Green.

New car & dress!

We spent our New Year's evening in Picton, nearby Blenheim with friends. Fireworks were nice and after that we returned to Blenheim and went to the club. I got my infection few days earlier so I didn't have dancing or party mood but it was still fun night.

I've spent lot money for healthcare. I'm starting to respect more and more Finnish cheap and almost free healthcare system. Of course I have insurance and now I know why. Still it's off from my travel budget when I have to pay 100-250 $ of seeing doctor. In Finland I would have spent under 100 euros to my all medical costs which I have had here in New Zealand. But anyway, now I'm trying to heal myself and eating heaps of pills which are making my head spin. Hopefully soon leaving from Blenheim and seeing some other places, otherwise I will work bit more here and we'll see what after that.

I wish Happy New Year for everyone! Take care!