Dec 31, 2014

My month part 2

Continues from December part 1

We made few wine tours around Blenheim with friends. On first tour I was the driver so I didn't do so much tasting. On first wine tour we visited Wither Hills Winery which was really nice medium-size winery. They had brand new tasting room or actually winery house and really good customer service. By good customer service I mean that every winery didn't deal as good with young people and backpackers than this one.

Our first tour gang
Daniel, Flo, Imke, Vojta and me

View from Wither Hills winery building

Other winery's we visited were Clos Henry, Drylands, Hunter's and also Moa Brewery, Chocolate Factory and Fudge Factory. At Drylands we got tour behind the scenes because my friend is working there. It was really cool to see how they really make the wine. In every place we visited we got good tastings and picture about local main industry -wines.

Clos Henry winery's tasting room is an old chapel.

Clos Henry's tasting room

Me, Imke and Flo drinking milkshake at Fudge Factory

Girls going out!
Toni, Miyuki, Imke, Flo and me

One weekend there were Christmas festival and parade at the town centre. We visited to see the parade, it was surprisingly big for this small town! We got heaps of candy!

Our second wine tour we went to three wineries and one brewery. First we visited was Highfield, awesome place hiding in the bushes! I haven't had heard anything about whole place before but luckily we found it. We tasted really good wines there, especially 2007 Sauvignon Blanc was really good surprise!


Highfield vineyards

The second place we visited was Brancott Estate which is one of the biggest producers of wine in Marlborough area. They have their own Heritage center which is big and full of light. We had really good tasting over there also! I tasted the first dessert wine from New Zealand.

Brancott Estate Heritage Centre

Alcohol analyser -for me it said "Don't drive" after second tasting.. 
Brancott Estate vineyards
Next we visited Moa Brewery. I was there before also but I didn't do the tasting because I was the driver. We tasted many different beers, I don't really remember which ones. My favourite was anyway the beer which we added some raspberry syrup and also their cider was really good!

Jassi, me and Vicky tasting beers at Moa Brewery

Beers at Moa. We added some syrup for beer, everyone different amount of it.

This was my most of my December, I will tell about Christmas and new year celebrating on my next post!

Thank you for past year for my family, friends and all the readers of my blog. See you again next year!


"Et saa minua kiinni,
ota kiinni jos saat, ota kiinni jos saat.
Älä tartu mun siipiini.
Et koskaan saa minua kiinni."
Älä tartu mun siipiini - Sallan ja Miron matka maailman ympäri

My month part 1

I don't really know how time has gone so fast! It feels like I just got here but I have been nearly two months in Blenheim and almost three months in New Zealand! Amazing. Even I have had lot of spare time I still haven't had time to write anything here, sorry about that.

First of all I'm going to tell what I have been doing this month. Working. We had lot of work, shorter and longer days. This month we did mostly wire-lifting, it was harder for arms because plants have been growing and shoots are heavier. Our work gang changed during this month often, so there was 9-30 people working every day. Weather have been sunny and I am really tanned (my skin colour is still white for everyone else but for me it's really brown!). On last week we had few rainy days when we worked only few hours but we were lucky to have so many working hours totally!

My legs and gloves after typical working day
River at work -it had really blue, clear water
I broke my phone at work one day. It was really hot day and we were working on contract. I didn't have pockets and I was listening music with my phone so I put the phone to the natural place for women, in my bra. Apparently it was really hot inside my shirt so my phone over-warmed and got really upset. Luckily I had extra phone (10 $ from CountDown) so I survived with that for 3 weeks. One day I got bored of it and I bought new phone, Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini.

I baked few times during this December. We don't really have any supplies for baking at the hostel so I tried different recipes where you don't really need for example mixer or anything else. I found really good recipe for carrot cake from Valio's website. It's really easy and doesn't take your time more than 40 minutes. They doesn't have orange cream cheese here so I tried to make the topping myself with orange but I think I used too much orange for it. You can find the recipe from here in Finnish.

Imke's cake and muffins and my carrot cake

But here are some pictures about other things I have been doing and seeing in the end of November and this month.

Wither Hills Farm Park

Me and my friend Jassi

Flo, Bob and me at White's Bay

Stairs leading to Monkey Bay

Views from Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay

Me and Flo

At the beach

To be continued!