Oct 24, 2014


Last Wednesday we visited Mt. Eden, the highest volcanic peak in mainland Auckland. My neighbor Sergio has a car so he drove us to there. The views were breathtaking. 

Mt. Eden's crater is 50 meters deep and the summit is 196 meters above sea level.  The volcano erupted from two craters 28,000 years ago. 

We drank few beverages and spent awesome afternoon with good company. We were going to watch sunset but it was so windy weather that everyone wanted to leave home early.

We went to Provedor, bar in Viaduct harbor with Stefano and May in the very same evening. When we were leaving we saw a goat! One guy just had a goat with him, I don't know why. It was kind of random thing so I took a picture of it. I've been myself  in middle of Helsinki with two goats.. Don't ask why! 

On Saturday it was Chianyee's last evening in hostel, so we went to the restaurant where Sergio works. It's Italian restaurant called Farina. They have one meter pizzas there! Sergio arranged our dinner. For starter we had fried calamari and polpette (meatballs).

Main course was pizza and duck tortellonis.

And for desert tiramisu and chocolate cake.

Yammm! After that we went to drink few beers to the bar called Andrew Andrew.

On Sunday Chianyee was leaving to Albany so I went to the city centre with her and May. Then we went to the bigger supermarket for shopping. In the evening Stefano (Italian guy from next door) asked us to go somewhere. We took beers and chips and went to Mt. Eden again. Our plan was to watch the sunset but the sun was behind the clouds so we didn't see anything. It was pretty weather though and city looked so beautiful when all lights went on!

On Monday we went to Rangitoto Island with Stefano and May. We tried to wake up for the first ferry to the island but someone (read: me and May) didn't wake up so we took the 10.30 ferry from Viaduct to Rangitoto. 

Rangitoto (view from Mission Bay)

We got to the island and took the summit walk to the lava caves. There are seven lava tubes which you can walk through but we found three or four and went through two of them. They were quite dark so we had to use a torch. The longest known tube is 50 metres long! I guess we walked through the 30 meter one. There's no pictures from cave because it was so dark!

While exploring lava caves we met a new friend, Felix from Germany. We walked bit with him but took separate walks after because we were going to see the summit of volcano and he had already seen it.
Apparently there is a rat problem in the island because we saw so many traps when we were walking.

We walked the board walk to the summit and the view was awesome from there! The crater was huge bowl! We ate lunch (sandwiches and chips!) and took many pictures. After we took a 20 minutes lasting walk around the summit. There were few buildings which were builded during World War II.

The crater

May is praying the end for the walking.

The last ferry left 3.30 pm so we had to catch that. We left back to the harbor and took a nap before the ferry left. In summertime (meaning from December) there are more ferries going to and from Island. On the ferry Stefano wanted to sit outside but it was so windy that May went inside and rest of us followed her there. We met again with Felix and talked bit more on the ferry back to the harbor.  

Stefano and Felix

On Tuesday and Wednesday I applied for many jobs. On Wednesday evening I got one invite to an interview and one job offer. Also we agreed with hostel manager that I'm going to do some cleaning in weekends and reception stuff at the hostel. I'm starting this weekend! 

I have had pain in my mouth for five days! Apparently my wisdom teeth are coming out and that causes the pain. I don't know does my insurance cover my dentist costs but I heard it's going to be expensive.. 

I have been here for three weeks now! How is it going somewhere else? Remember, even I am other side of the world, I still use Facebook every day and I'm available usually for Skype calls! Here the Internet isn't so great, data costs are expensive and connection isn't good. Luckily in Auckland it's better than everywhere else so now it's really good time for me to keep contact with everyone. If I'm going to stay somewhere else later there might not be any access to Internet. So it would be nice to hear how is Finland for example! I heard that there are minus degrees already ;) Any snow? Weather here have been windy and rainy for few days but some before was already quite warm.

"A whole new worldA new fantastic point of viewNo one to tell us no or where to goOr say we're only dreaming."
Aladdin - A Whole New World

Have a nice weekend you all! Take care!


Oct 13, 2014

First week!

First week here have been great! First days I was really sleeping and eating mostly. I've been really tired. I've been also tried to arrange basic things like own bank account and longer extend at hostel. 

On Tuesday we went to the Auckland War Memorial Museum with Chianyee (my Malaysian neighbor), Stefano (Italian neighbor) and Lucille (French neighbor) who had just arrived. Museum was huge and really interesting. There were three floors full or information and history and after first floor I was already exhausted! Luckily Aucklanders get there for free so I can visit there again and take one floor per one day. But anyway we spent there three hours which was a long time but still too short for seeing all!

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Maori village house

Stefano, Lucille and Chianyee

Stefano and me! "Itaaaalian guy!"

Duck Pond next to the museum.

Eddy promised to take others to the SkyTower also so we went there again. Weather was awesome and we took lot of photos. With us was also Japanese girl May. After SkyTower we ate some pie and went to the park just enjoy the day. 

Stefano, Lucille, May, me and Chianyee

Chianyee, May and me

Eddy and Stefano - fire and rescue

On Wednesday we went to the city and harbor with Chianyee. Auckland has a nickname "City of Sails" and you can see lots of sailing boats in the harbor. Weather was quite cold and windy but it was nice day still. When I got back home I noticed that I have a new roommate, May! She is 21-year-old student from Osaka, Japan. She studies English here in Auckland and going to be here for a year. It was great that I got a roommate which I knew before. We get really well along and we have so much fun together!
In the evening we ate some pancakes and after that we went out to the bar called Bungalow, I guess? We all were so tired (at least I was) so I left earlier back to home.

Small library in the harbour

City of Sails

On Friday morning I went to jogging. At least I tried. There are so many hills that it was hard to find any good path to jog. Still I went to museum park and found some paths which were so nice. I didn't have any camera with me but I promise to go there again and take some pictures and videos. It was beautiful and peaceful in the middle of forest. I mostly walked and just walked mouth open.. Next time I'll try to run also.. Nature here is awesome!

On Saturday morning I made some pancakes for everyone and later we went to the Indian festival called Auckland Diwali Festival. There were lots of food booths and shows. I also visited few shops and found new pants, bag and cardigan. In the evening I wanted to go out but nobody else didn't want so I went to sleep. 

Indian festival. Dance school of Auckland had few performances.

May, me and Fernando - I mean Stefano.

On Sunday we went to Mission Bay. It's one of the most popular beaches here in Auckland. It was windy weather but visiting there was still great. We went there by bus and it took about 15 minutes from city centre. There were lot of shells in the beach and we collected few with May. I also visited Starbucks for the first time ever. It was a great day indeed! In the evening we went to the pub to drink one beers with May, Spanish neigbor Sergio and his workmate Virginia.

Mission Bay

Rangitoto Island is seen from Mission Bay

Another selfie!


My first Frappuccino in Starbuck's!

Some Finnish - sorry
Muutama sana suomeksi ettei nyt ihan kielitaito unohdu!
On täällä kyllä erikoisuuksia ja samankaltaisuuksia ihmeteltäväksi. Ekana voisin sanoa että alkoholilaki ja -politiikka täällä taitaa olla samanlainen kun Suomessakin. Ulkona juomisen suhteen ollaan vaan tiukempia kaupunkialueella, mutta spurgujen määrä on suurempi ja ovat näkyvämmin esillä. Alkoholivero on suurempi jolloin alkoholi maksaakin enemmän, mutta eniten yllätti se että paikallinen viini on huomattavasti kalliimpaa kuin maahantuotu.

Liikenne - voi luoja. Olen meinannut jäädä jo muutaman kerran auton alle - heh. Liikenne kun on vasemmanpuoleista ja ihminen kun on tottunut oikeanpuoleiseen. Vaikeaa on mutta alkaa tähän pikkuhiljaa tottua. Kevyen liikenteen liikennevalot on hassut verrattuna Suomeen, samoin suojateitä ei ole merkattu niin selkeästi kuin kotona. Mutta hauskoja uusia kokemuksia!

Hintataso on aika sama kuin Suomessa -olut on kalliimpaa ja samoin baareissa käynti ylipäätään. Auckland tuntuu suurelta, mutta samaan aikaan hyvin pieneltä paikalta. Etnisistä ryhmistä täällä eniten näkyy varmaan aasialaisia, mutta Wikipedian mukaan eniten on kuitenkin eurooppalaisia, mikä on varmaan ihan totta. Hostellissa meitä on moneksi - olen tällä hetkellä ainoa suomalainen, mutta täällä asustaa eniten brittejä, saksalaisia ja italialaisia. Mukavasti on päässyt tutustumaan kaikkiin, varsinkin yksin matkustaviin tulee tutustuttua helposti.

Being here have been exciting and fun. Of course every time you come to new place it takes some time to settle. I've been here just for one week but I've felt bit homesickness already. Luckily it helped when I visited Finnish market and bought some chocolate. I also spoke Finnish with shopkeeper and heard about Finnish society in Auckland, which is quite big (200 members). 

In my blog I'm telling about fun moments and new experiences but it's not only that. Between those moments are quite normal and basic routine moments, sometimes nice and sometimes boring or lonely. I've been feeling low today and yesterday but we'll see.. There is always tomorrow.  

Thought from muesli packet: "It's your world, you change it or someone else will."

Have a nice week all of you!

xo, Liisa

P.s. Seuraava joka tulee tännepäin, tuo villasukat tullessas.