Sep 4, 2014

My awesome summer 2014! Part 2

Second part of my awesome summer!

I became an aunt in the first day of August! My brother's wife gave birth second son! I met my cute little nephew after 10 days of birth.

I spent couple of great Wednesday nights at Bar Freetime celebrating friends birthdays! It was great to see classmates after couple of months and before leaving to my trip! Also we had couple of picnics with my closest classmates!

After couple weeks of August tutoring started really and I picked up my first new exchange students!
I spent lot of fun nights and trips with my fellow tutors when picking up the students from airport or travel center. It lasted about two weeks and finally everyone arrived to Jyväskylä! 

I moved out of my apartment one week earlier because my room mate was a jerk. I packed my stuff in one day and left to my mum's place to take the stuff there. Few of my fellow tutors, Santiago and Thomas were going to the same way and I gave them a ride. They were going to camping so I joined them and we went to Sipoonkorpi National Park for one night. After that I had a job interview in Helsinki. The whole trip was so surprising and unplanned and I didn't know it would be even more surprising! We booked a trip to Tallinn in the very same day! It was a great trip to there even I got cold from camping and rainy weather.

After coming back home from Tallinn the Orientation week started for new exchange students. I was sick at the first day but on Wednesday we had a city tour with my group and everyone got to know each other better. I really have to say that I had a best group of exchange students! I'm so sad about leaving them like this but I know they have a good tutor who is going to continue with them later! :) Thanks for taking care, Aino! I wish I could stay and have more awesome time with all new students in Jyväskylä!

On my last weekend in Jyväskylä there were a Barbecue Party in Kekkola (Coca-cola), Beach Picnic and M-Building Party (which I unfortunately missed for unknown reason..) I also was spending our farewell party in Sauna ferry with my work mates. That was really awesome and I swam four times in the lake! I had really great last weekend in Jyväskylä!


I think summer ended in the end of August but there is one party which I'm really looking forward. I mean my birthday and farewell party on 20th of September!

Thank you all for the best summer ever :)

My awesome summer 2014! Part 1

Everything started from one small accident, I mean that day when I got hit by a car! I was crossing the street and car was waiting for few others to cross the road. Apparently the driver didn't see me and hit me. I fell in front of car but luckily nothing bigger happened. I got lot of bruises and hurt of my back. My friend Eve took me to hospital and she was there for me <3

She also was the first one who heard my idea in the same evening. I decided to leave to New Zealand for one year. So next day I gave up my apartment and found new cheaper one for few months. 

After couple of days JAMK's Summer School started where I was tutoring. I had a group of nine people and if course I got lot of new friends. Summer school was really great experience! We visited Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere and spent many memorable evenings in Jyväskylä. I also got to know my fellow tutors better which was awesome!

Miss you all so much! 

After summer school I had Midsummer (Juhannus) celebration with my family and one surprise guest from California. 
In the beginning of July I had anniversary of meeting the first time with my friend Eve and I went to Lappeenranta to meet her. I was surprising and great trip! :) It's so great that I have become closer with Eve during last year. 

I started to work harder on July. I worked at bars after my real day work. I had 15-hour work shifts on weekends and it was pretty exhausting. I got to know lot of different kind of work mates. My day work was awesome because I had so great work mates there! I felt like I would have worked there for longer time and somehow I found the team spirit very supportive there! I hope I get a chance to work in same company maybe later and also with same work mates! 

In the end of July I spent four days babysitting my 3-year-old little brother. I also got a chance to see my big sister Annamari at the same time! It was great to have special time together! We visited my brother and few friends and had lot of fun! 

I had my good friend Meeri over also! It was so great to see her. We spent great night together drinking sparkling wine and catching up. Next day we visited Harju observation tower and got surprised by a storm!

I also hosted my first couchsurfer Joseph in the end of July! It was during the Neste Oil Rally where I worked and had 15 hours lasting workday (thanks for understanding Joseph)! It was great to get know him and I got a new experience to host someone. :) 

To be continued..