Jun 1, 2014

I just got hit by a car!

I just got hit by a car! Me and my friend were on our way to view an apartment. We were about to cross the street  right next to the big hill 'Harju' in the city center of Jyväskylä. I noticed a man had stopped and was waiting two pedestrians to cross the street. I was just in front of the car over the street when I noticed that it was moving towards me and my friend. The car hit me and I fell to the road my bike between me and the car.

The crash was both mine and the driver's fault. I was crossing the road with a zebra crossing but I was on my bike, so I didn't have the right of the way. The driver was already stopped, so he should have waited us to cross since we were already crossing it.

Luckily I got off with a fright. I didn't get injured. I got some bruises, scratches and my back and feet are sore. The bike I had got broken but luckily there's an insurance for that. I got 30 € from the driver's insurance because I couldn't use bike for a week while going to work. Also my bike was fixed and the necessary phone call charges were covered. What can I say, it was fault of both of us,

Even I didn't hurt my head I've been thinking through my life. Mostly it made me think about my future plans. I'm studying Business Information Systems in the University of Applied Sciences. University of Applied Sciences is called AMK in Finland.

To be honest, the first year of AMK wasn't the easiest. I was really lonely and went through a break-up with my boyfriend. Also I'm not a nerd. I don't think the studies of this field are for me. I didn't apply to any other school either this spring so I don't have other study plans for now.

I have an earlier vocational degree in tourism. Before and after graduating from the vocational school I have been dreaming about traveling and living abroad. Couple of years ago I heard my colleague was going to Australia for a year under the Work and Travel -program. I did research about traveling work and holiday programs and got very excited. I tried to inspire my boyfriend to travel with me but he wasn't up for it because he was doing success with his own career as a chef. I kind of forgot my dream and concentrated to work and other things.

The decision was very hard because I'm afraid I won't actually do it. I've always been impulsive and very quick to make decisions but this one took some time to be processed. I think now is the time. After all those plans I've buried because of someone else's opinion or lack of money or courage.. This one I can't bury.

I have decided to leave to New Zealand for a year.

I'm already at the beginning of the journey because I've terminated my apartment. I'm going to move to a smaller apartment in the beginning of next month. I have to apply for a new passport, visa and buy my flights. There's so much to do!